Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology - Unit 2 - Cathy Bill

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology - Unit 2

By Cathy Bill

  • Release Date: 2019-04-03
  • Genre: Biology

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What does over a combined 100 years of experience in anatomy and physiology buy you these days? A book written just for you! We have designed and written this unique digital experience to allow the content of Anatomy and Physiology to be relatable, relevant, and fun. Why do teenagers sleep until noon? Why do I get brain freeze after eating ice cream too fast? What the heck is the point of a menstrual cycle? Our innovative book is perfect for the Introductory college student or the advanced-level high school student with a desire to succeed in Anatomy and Physiology.

Our digital textbook experience presents a unique way to learn about the human body; an online, downloadable, engaging, interactive platform. This is so much more than a traditional textbook. They put me to sleep after reading for hours, (If I made it that long.) The authors of this multi-touch book believe there is more to learning than reading a static text, making notecards, and memorizing for hours on end. We strongly believe that “living” the material, “experiencing” the facts, “watching the text unfold” is a much more active, enjoyable and fruitful way to learn. Each book in the series contains one-of-a-kind animations, where we explain the detail, with wonderful dialogue so you can see and hear A & P come to life. Push buttons, hear our stories, laugh out loud, and realize all the while you are learning anatomy and physiology. You are learning the way the body works, what structures are called, why stuff happens. With this new approach, you engage in the ideas presented, and start living the anatomy and physiology with this multi-touch book.

• Book 1 contains information on Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Structure and Function, Tissues and Neuron Structure and Function

• Book 2 contains information on The Integumentary System, The Skeletal System and The Muscular System

• Book 3 contains information on The Nervous System and The Endocrine System

• Book 4 contains information on The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

• Book 5 contains information on The Respiratory System and The Urinary System

• Book 6 contains information on The Digestive and Reproductive Systems

- Over 425 pages of text and multitouch features
- Contains over 500 high quality images
- Contains 56 unique animations
- Contains nearly 300 self-assessment questions
- Nearly 100 brief audio/visual presentations
- Interactive glossary
- Highlighting capability
- ADA compliant